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"Shock & Awe" was a technique used by the US army during the war in Afghanistan in an attempt to leave their opponents stunned and rocked to the core. Just a couple of years later it seems Aussie rockers Teaza have applied this theory to their music with the opening track of their debut 'self titled' EP. Although their list of influences reads like a who's-who of alternative rock, the opening track "Runaway" sounds like it was ripped straight from a packed arena back in the early 90's. Reminiscent of arena champions like Whitesnake or Bon Jovi, Teaza hit it big here and show that arena rock can still sound fresh and relevant in the current musical climate.

A slight change in sound for the remainder of the EP see's the sound head in an almost euro-melodic rock direction with a 90's alternative rock twist. 'In My Head' is a fast paced rocker comparable to fellow Australian aorsters Teargas, whilst 'All Open' launches with ripping guitars before morphing gently into a commercial rock anthem reminding me greatly of the '3 Doors Down' hit 'Kryptonite'. Teaza deliver 4 top notch rock tracks before closing the disc with an acoustic version of their signature tune 'Runaway'. As with many classic rock tracks, the acoustic version holds up very well alongside it's arena-rock influenced brother, thereby confirming the intrinsic quality of the song itself.

Whilst the opening track is the definite highlight of this disc, the following tracks are faultless pieces of euro-melodic rock inspired tracks. To be honest I cannot hear many of the bands stated influences in their music (Pearl Jam, QOTSA, Grinspoon, Kings of Leon....) so it will definitely be interesting to see which path Teaza decide to take with a combination of alternative rock, arena rock and euro melodic rock all contributing equally to their debut release.

by Lindsay B.

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