The Toilet Boys - Live In London

Why do I dislike live albums so much? I think it's got something to do with the fact that they usually either sound so over-produced that the band might as well have put crowd noise in the mix of a studio session or are such bootlegged crap that you question whether the artist(s) on the album cover is the same as the one on the recording. Both seem to create a product whose usefulness is spent as soon as the fans have finished debating over the song lineup. Somehow, the Toilet Boy's 'Live in London' dances the fine line between both of these extremes and the result is a product that is a worthy representative of the band's live show.

The sound is sloppy, yet not crappy. It's rough, complete with the band tearing through nine songs, running over any mistakes that might be made without a second thought or glance backwards. Some feedback abounds from the speakers during the middle of the performance, a nice nod to the legitimacy of the recording. The song selection is pulled heavily from their 2001 s/t release, including 'Ride', 'Runaway', and an incredible rendition of 'Hollywood'. Miss Guy leads the crowd well while still having a good sense for when to shut up and sing. Treat for fans are 1) a Ramones Medley from a Tokyo show 2) a bonus studio track titled 'Original Sinner', and 3) an enhanced CD track video for the track 'Saturday Nite'.

Toilet Boys in concert are a very visual band. Listening to 'Live in London' you don't see the costumes or feel the flames on your neck, but you get a sense that it's all there, nonetheless. Perhaps it's not by coincidence that the only other live CD I've ever felt this way about shares a title and realness (Space Age Playboys), this is done the way a live recording should be. If you like the Toilet Boys then check it out, you won't be disappointed.

by Lycan Davis

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