Sybilla - The Invisible Sandglass

With an album cover infused with zealous fire and flames, can the music contained within be as hot to trot? Or not!? This Italian lads' debut relies largely on catchy riffage and anthemic choruses to assist a quirky power rock form deliver its kick in the goolies.

Opening with "Burning" is a rational choice, as its joyful generic melodic hooks are memorable enough but unfortunately detectably thinner than ensuing tracks. "Black Rose" is better. A power driven weepy with teasingly slow heavy beats. Synths and a dark gothic touch weft to generate a mode that is unusually haunting, finalised with large bittersweet harmonic vocal choruses, it slips fortuitously into Christmas Carol hard rock!!

"I.N.F.I.L.A. (Song for Mercury)" is a pop power rock ballad whose Queen esq. structure and Brian May inspired guitar solo is a charming tribute to Fred. Track 8 "Quick Fix", despite being irritatingly simplistic and initially dismissible, is probably my favourite track. Its swaggering traditional hard rock melody and emblematic solo nod the head and perk up the gaiety before the dying riff dwindles away in playful acoustic merriment.

Some experimental noise is peppered throughout most tracks. Laser beams, electro flutes and super sonic noise are bizarre additions to the pop. It's difficult not to feel delight for this sweet racket; a lot of work has gone into it. I ended up liking it surprisingly more than I initially wanted to. The glam, Christmas Carolling, heavy rock and modern day Queen blend at times is perplexing. Whether these moments of radiance are planned or accidental remains a mystery to me, but I'm not arsed either way. Those who cannot stomach the stench of cheese may head off pretty quickly. If you can embrace the cheese with a full set of gnashers, then I would recommend my fellow boneheads to stick through this, allowing its charm to have its steady way with you.

by Kiran the Killer

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