Switchblade - Rock 'n' Roll 4ever

This is the second album from Denmark based Switchblade. They formed in 2002 and released their debut 'Switchblade Serenade' after signing to Perris Records in 2004, this second release promises a much more powerful production and heavier songs than the debut but does it deliver?

To be honest with the generic band name and album title I wasn't expecting great things, but first track 'Cocksuckin' Suzie' is a great rock song in the Four Horseman vein. Vocalist Ken Anthony sounds very much like Zodiac Mindwarp and the album has similar lyrical themes to Zodiacs masterpiece 'Tattooed Beat Messiah' centring around girls, booze and good times. One promise they definitely deliver on is a very good production sound with the songs exploding from the speakers. 'Mr Big Shot' has a Circus Of Power feel to it with a good chorus and some great dirty, sleazy riffs. The guitar work of Martin Steene and Henning Nielsen is fantastic throughout with killer riffs and solos reeled off with apparent ease. One criticism I have is that some songs seem to go on a little too long, especially 'Rocker' and 'Show Me All Your Stuff'. They're certainly not bad songs, just a little overlong. 'Show Me All Your Stuff' is the obligatory slower song but while with albums of this genre they would normally be skipped instantly, this one is actually worth a listen even if it does outstay its welcome by the end. The pace is picked up once again with 'Desert Train' after a slow intro the guitars kick in for another old school rocker. Switchblade are not re-inventing the wheel with their sound but this a very solid release of dirty rock 'n' roll. My favourite track by far is 'Man On The Run' which has some fantastic guitar work. 'Bad Morning Bluez' (gotta love any song with a 'z' replacing an 's' in the title!) is very reminiscent of Johnny Crash 'Baby's Like A Piano' in its pacing and lyrics. The album closes with 'Bag Full Of Nuthin' but probably would have ended better with the previous track 'Dynamite' which has a great fast riff and cheesy chorus but would have closed the album on a high whereas it just seems to run out of steam by the end.

Switchblade can be seen at this years Sweden Rock festival on June 6th and sound like they're worth checking out if you're there. They're the type of band that would go down a storm at the UK's Bulldog Bash biker festival. They're not doing anything new and aren't gonna set the world on fire but what they do, they do very well indeed!

by John Baxter

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