Switchblade - 7 Track Sampler

Switchblade in my opinion have the same brand of music style as Roxx Gang, Faster Pussycat, and other bands in that genre... though with a resemblance of Motorhead in the vocal department.

After hearing these 7 songs, I wanted more and only wished it was a full album. From the first song 'Back Up' all the way down to the last Judas Priest's cover song 'Hot Rockin', Switchblade kept me interested. The songs that really made me say this CD was great were 'Live It Up' and 'Smokin Stacks'.

Before I close this review... the song 'Fade' sounded exactly like Bullet Boys 'Hang On St. Christopher'... but that's only my opinion and not a bad thing. Switchblade is a great band and I can't wait to hear a full album.

by Marcus Calzada

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