Sweet Cyanide - Sweet Cyanide

From the opening title track, "Crash Theory" Sweet Cyanide sounds like a cross between Hardcore Superstar and Buckcherry, with some more "chart appeal"; lead singer Sal Scoca steals Josh Todd's sexual innuendos and Jocke Berg's scratching vocals to introduce this full length with maximum energy. What follows slowly moves towards the pop sideline, with catchy feel-good sound that will appeal to radio and MTV. However, there's still room for surprises, with what could be seen as a tribute to early Marilyn Manson in "American Me". "I Wish I Would" is not too original but absolutely catchy and would be a good single to push the album out there. Very enjoyable are also the slightly darker "Under the Sun" and the final acoustic ballad "When We Were Young".
The album is divided in "Side One" and "Side Two", which may not mean much for a CD but it brings memories of old dear vinyl and we all like that. The cover is two pills on a white background, a logo with a black/red broken heart, white skull and initials. Inside, a collage of tits and bums who would make Hugh Hefner proud. How rock 'n' roll of them.
This is a pleasant and well produced album, where all influences find a voice and the band is not afraid to experiment, giving us a varied product where almost everyone can find something representing their taste. New York gives birth to another son of its multifaceted culture, and hopefully a dose of its energy when these guys play live. I won't miss them!

by Cristina Massei

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