Sweet Cheater - Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'

Awww, it's so dreamy, drifting back into the good old glam days, this really is a blast from the past! If you never discovered Boston formed Sweet Cheater back in the day (and in your defence there really were plenty of similar styled bands to wade through), then maybe you missed out on one of the best.

There's still time to rediscover some of glams finer moments as the guys update and re-release some of their classic repertoire in the form of album 'Eatin Ain't Cheatin', full of powerful bubblegum spewing anthems twinged with Pretty Boy Floyd and Ratt type melodies, with the odd hint of Motley Crue, heaps of band chorus chanting that really does remind you which years your going back too.

Thus said, there is an underlying sound and technique that really only belongs to SC. All songs are well written and the band and vocals blend together perfectly. 'All Fired Up' is typically sing-along style, whilst 'One Love' is a rather well put together ballad, which changes the bands whole concept by simply adding a respectably well played piano part. Whether or not you're just curious about the whole glam era or looking to step back in time, there really couldn't be a better place to start.

by Sharron Grainger

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