Supragod - Army In White

The Gods of thunder must have been watching me with their electric eyes. They must have seen that, with the ink still wet on Olof Mellberg's pre-contract agreement, there was about to be a definite Swedish deficiency in my life. Why else would the new six track EP from SUPRAGOD creepy crawl into my leopard skinned 'n' safety pinned inbox like ass-kicking manna from heaven?

"This EP is dedicated and belongs to our friends in Stockholm city. Our home town is being raped by a gang of cultural retards but thanks to a doggedly fighting few - by us referred to as the army in white - there is still rock and roll in Stockholm." This rallying call shows a pissed off yet determined band who, after halting all live shows in order to concentrate on recording, decide to give all the songs away for free! Raised middle digit attitude, shit-kicking tunes and looking like a band too - you just know you're gonna love this!!!

Title track 'Army In White' is, given the problems in "Stockholm shit city", as moody and brooding as can be expected. The low, gruff as a gravel pit vocals almost veer into Pete Steele territory at one point and the song positively drips attitude. 'You Can't Bomb This' was originally recorded by the band with legendary producer Tomas Skogsberg (Backyard Babies; The Hellacopters; Entombed; Super$hit666) and released in 2005 but, unhappy with the finished product, Supragod have resurrected the song and it now fizzes like a mouthful of pop rocks! 'Last Parade of Clowns' powers down the same road and this two song combination grabs hold of the listener like a Mexican wrestler! Why hasn't anyone ever thought of recording a wrecking ball-like cover version of Warrior Soul's 'Punk and Belligerent' from their 1992 album 'Salutations From The Ghetto Nation'??? And why hasn't anyone ever thought of getting space age playboy Kory Clarke to provide guest lead vocals for such a cover??? Supragod have. Kory Clarke sounds like he hasn't cleared his throat for about a month - and sounds fuckin' awesome for it. This cover version is, quite simply, massive. 'Party of the Year' was written as Supragod's own getting ready to go out battle cry and, sounding like a street fight between Turbonegro and vintage Hybrid Children, is more infectious than a zombie bite. The EP comes full circle with closer 'Welcome (To Our Tragedy)', a moody yet more straightahead tune with a huge hook.

The EP is available to download for free at All six songs are on the band's MySpace profile. Add them to your page - spread the word. The band once considered the UK as something of a second home to them - with kickass recordings in the can, here's hoping that we get to see them live in the not too distant future...

by Gaz E.

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