Supervoss - Piece of My Heart

Supervoss hail from Bremen, Germany. They are a close knit 4-piece outfit with an interesting sound. Unfortunately due to my technical ineptitude I was unable to view their demo video and had to make do with audio only.

The one track I was able to resurrect from my dying PC was the punky "Piece of my heart". This is a cheery, fast-paced song with roots in "The Ramones" and "Billy Idol" and perhaps more recently, "Jimmy Eat World".

The measured guitar is overlaid on a strong beat with Dick Voss's husky voice coming through loud and clear.

Their colourful website reinforces their influences from late punk with bright colours and their concept of "Sexy-Punk", I look forwards to hearing more from this band.

A Measured and well-deserved 7.5/10

by SJ Skyline

Visit the Supervoss Website