Supervoss - Sexy Punk

What can be said, but Cool Cool Cool!!! There is much to be said for the fine art of cool, laidback vocals in a cleverly crafted rock tune, and this band speaks volumes on just such a topic.

"Piece of my Heart" is Billy Idol-like, driven by an essence not unlike the infamous 80's platinum blond's snear that suggested attraction and rebellion all in one oral quiver of a lip. "Sun Ain't Risin", a techno influenced romp through the same fields that bore Idol hits like "Cradle Of Love", again NOT a bad thing, in fact, very familiar. "Winters Comin", the final track on this ep, an upbeat closer that has a feel close to the 80's teenage cinema anthem, "Dont You Forget About Me" by the Simple Minds.

What would i say to the average glam rock listener? Get it!! Why? Why not, it will get you movin, while offering an 80's dance/rock retro feel. And if you like Mr Idol, you will also find this to be a safe bet as well.

by Kennyboy

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