Superhuman - As Human As We Are

When reviewing Superhuman's "Taste It" EP last year, Glitzine's very own Johnny H commented that with a stable line-up and the recruitment of much-respected Welsh producer Greg Haver, the Latvian outfit were readying themselves to take on the world. Is their first full-length album, "As Human As We Are", big, bold and beautiful enough to kick down the doors of homeland notoriety and stamp its way to global infamy??....

The album (with Haver once again at the helm) kicks off with "Lost In Time", which contains the most vital of all rock 'n' roll ingredients - a big fat friggin' riff! Next track "Voices" continues the quality riffage and you'd be excused for thinking that the band were armour-plated! Then hit single "Hey You" plays and things start to unwind.....

The Latvian version of "Hey You" topped their native charts for eight weeks and states in BIG BOLD CAPITALS why too many bands like Superhuman fail to take strides in the more lucrative US/UK markets;- things get just too predictable. "Hey You" ambles along in pure MOR territory (and is waaay too close to the stylings of rock bores Nickelback) and is a mile away from the strut of the opening two tracks. The band's unfortunate streak of predictability is evident furthermore on "Alone" and "All My Good Intentions", and their insistence on persevering with this type of song will surely result in the slow strangulation of the band's hopes for global acceptance. There is hope, however! "Overcome", with its strings and big guitar, is very good and should be the band's very own reference point for all thoughts of power balladry.

With an album full of ass-kickers like "Too Far Away", the Union Underground-tinged "Lose You" and the simple funk 'n' roll of "Cream", Superhuman could well be a rock 'n' roll force to be reckoned with, but they need to weed out the filler if they really want to break away from being Latvia's best kept secret. If this album was to be their "Total 13" or "Bad Sneakers And A Pina Colada", then they have stumbled just a few yards from the finish line.

by Gaz E.

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