Superhorrorfuck - Livingdeadstars

Track listing:
01 - Pissing On Heaven's Door
02 - You Can Leave Your Head On
03 - Lick You To Death
04 - Hot N Cold (Katy Perry cover)
05 - Association Against Superhorrorfuck
06 - Livingdeadstar
07 - Touch Your Soul
08 - Holy Zombie
09 - Horrochy Part II: The Prophets
10 - Welcome To My F**k Show
11 - The Woman Of My Death
12 - The Texas Chainsaw Ranger

The prize for insane band name goes to SUPERHORRORFUCK (no spaces) and their LIVINGDEADSTARS release!

If you hadn't already guessed then SUPERHORRORFUCK do death rock in the style of Wednesday 13.

Punky vocals, catchy choruses, blazing riffs and uptempo rhythms and tongue in cheek schlock horror lyrics are the order of the day. Most of the songs are short sharp shocks and come in at under 3:30. This album is a down and dirty party album make no mistake.

The Katy Perry cover is most amusing and probably the best I've ever heard one of her numbers! That was probably scarilege and I really don't care but then I don't suppose Superhorrorfuck do either!

It's not big, it's not clever and must be taken at face value. Hell, it's not even original but it is a whole lot of fun! If you like Wednesday 13 then you will enjoy this release.

Standout tracks:
Pissing On Heaven's Door
Hot N Cold
Touch Your Soul
The Texas Chainsaw Ranger

by K.T.Glitz

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