Supergroupies - S/T

Wow, what a surprising release this is! Glitter glam pop rock from Sweden by a 4 piece known as Supergroupies.

The self titled album is a solid release and reminds me of T-Rex, The Sweet, Abba and hints of Redd Kross. Bubblegum never tasted so good. I'm still chewing it!

I absolutely love the vocals of Kim Simon. They remind me of a Hybrid of the McDonalds brothers (Redd Kross) and Jellyfish. Another band that springs to mind is the not very well known Kung Fu Monkeys whom Supergroupies resemble also.

I won't go into detail on every single song on this release but stand out songs are Bouncin', Low Blue Flame(My personal favourite), Summertime, What A Day, I Wish You Would and the catchy as hell Come One Come All.

This is a MUST have release for any fans of retro glitter bubblegum glam. I am still chewing that bubblegum here and it looks like I will be for a long time until the next release from these guys.

Supergroupies are a fantastic feel good band, and I hope they will get the recognition they deserve so that we see a follow up release to this little gem.

by Andii Vamp

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