Supergroupies - La Musique Pornographique

Supergroupies are an awesome new glam band out of Sweden, with influences expanding 4 decades.

Sounding like a cross between The Beatles (60's), T.Rex (70's), and Enuff Z' Nuff (80's/90's), they still manage to have a refreshing sound for the new millenium. With a glamorous image to match, this could be a band seriously worth watching.

Songs like the ethereal, psychedelic-era Beatles sounding "Say Goodbye", and the phenominal T.Rexish "Hot in Paris" are standouts on this solid 4 song demo. "Say Goodbye" and the catchy "You Will Do" from this demo are both available in mp3 format on their website, and while they are primarily using this demo to secure a record deal; they have been selling it to those who ask via e-mail for $2+S/H. Check them out, and drop them a line.

by Dan Earley

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