Supercharger - Junkyard Spectacles

"Supercharger" are a five piece from Denmark, who sound like the long lost European tour orphans of "The Four Horsemen" or "Circus Of Power".
They play rock 'n' roll with grease under its fingernails, bacca stains on its teeth and Jack Daniels coursing through its veins. And I fucking love it.

I first happened upon "Supercharger" when the hit single waiting to happen, "Hell Motel" was Track of The Week on Glitzine's homepage. The four minutes and twenty-five seconds of perfection that was wrapped up in said tune, had me searching everywhere for the band, only to find they had contacted me ages ago via Myspace… Doh!!!

Debut six tracker "Junkyard Spectacles" erupts from your speakers in the shape of "Hold on Buddy" like some phetted up version of "The Almighty" before the aforementioned "Hell Motel" takes you to a place of biker rock perfection not the likes of seen since "Little Caesar" released their sublime full debut album back in the early nineties.
Elsewhere, the "ZZ Top" infused harmonica turbo boogie of "If You Want Rock" and "By Gold" sets the band aside from the one dimensional "all out - heads down" trap that so many of their peers fall foul of, this subtle twist also adds a cross over blues appeal to the bands "almost Southern" sounding output.
"Left Out" lowers the pace to a mid tempo "Gluecifer" influenced romp that has me wondering if "Supercharger" really could fill the empty chasm left in my metal heart by Biff and the boys demise, whilst "Some Sugar" speeds along on an almost "Danzig" like vocal delivery from frontman Mikkel.

If you really do want rock, then look no further than "Supercharger" to keep it real in an ocean of otherwise putrid manufactured rubbish.

You can hear/purchase the "Junkyard Spectacles" EP from the bands Myspace page or website.

Hardcore, twenty-four hours a day. The world needs bands like "Supercharger".

4 out of 5

by Johnny H.

Visit the Supercharger Website