Suicide Kings - Supersonic

Suicide Kings are Chris Solberg, Vince Meehan and Angelo Paramento. Their previous album ("Suicide Kings" - reviewed in Glitzine) showed a hard rock band with some originality even though the final impression was pretty average. "Supersonic" is a HUGE step forward! The Kings seem to have find their own style since their occasionally rhapsodic debut two years ago. This is probably how Ozzy would have sound if he grew up in Los Angeles instead of Birmingham or if Ratt would have spent their youth in a British suburb. Do you get the picture? Suicide Kings borrow from of both worlds.

"Bury that clown", "Supersonic", "Blessed" and "Toxic Generation" are great pieces of hard rock with competent lyrics. "Way too fast" are more popmetal. A style I welcome with open arms since those kind of songs are far and few between.   "Deja Vu" is the strongest song on "Supersonic", a catchy helluva rocker! Closer "Montage" is a potpourri of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" and Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" among others.

"Supersonic" is a very impressive nine song album. Suicide Kings have taken several steps towards the elite.