Sugar Shock - First Date

First off let me say that these tunes kick some fucken ass, and I usually don’t like jackshit.  I hate Pretty Boy Floyd, just about everything from L.A. (except the Crue), and most glam rock, but Sugar Shock deliver the goods. Great catchy songs with killer hooks that make me wanna stand up and say FUCK YEA!  Kinda bubble gummy but not to the extent where it's overdone.  It reminds me  of the Beat Angels but I like SS better….  Way better!!  Whoever doesn't give this stuff a listen should just sit in their room with naked photos of Pretty Boy Floyd and dream of great tunes…..

Track by Track

Baby Doll

This is my least favorite of the four.  I'm not sure why, but I think it’s the lyrics.  The drums on this tune rock though.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a great tune. Just my least favorite.

First Date

The Verse melody really kicks ass I like the way sentences run together. The  Chorus is great!  Probably a great live song as well! It has a great intro guitar riff.

Goodnight Kisses

My type of tune right off the bat.  Fast drums and fast catchy vocals.  It starts off just the way I like and continues to get cooler.  I love the “ohhhs” in the chorus.  BAD ASS!

PromQueen Daydream

I absolutely love this song!!!!  The woa woas are killer!!!!…..  Reminds of  discovering girls for the first time.   Killer catchy chorus!!!!

Let me wrap this up by saying that I ain't no music critic/writer.  I just know cool when I hear it, and Sugar Shock are fucken cool.  If you cant hear it, then you'd better pull your head outta your ass.  They are bringing back days when music was just that…. MUSIC.  Fun, flashy, and all about a good time.  Reminds me of falling in love for the first time….

Reviewed by: Jayson James - Romeo's Dead

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Reviewed by Jayson James/Romeos' Dead