Strip Sunset - 2 Track Demo

Over the past few years the east coast of Australia has definitely been the epi-centre for hard rock in Australia, with many bands remaining undiscovered in the larger cities. One of these yet to be discovered gems is 'Strip Sunset', hailing from Sydney.

As their name would suggest Strip Sunset take a more seedy 80's feeling to their version of dirty hard rock. Their debut demo contains 2 tracks: 'Beauty Queen' and 'You Take The Cake' and seems to see the band heading in a direction combining a Kix-meets-Vain sound backed with a vintage AC/DC style riff.

There's defintely a "no-frills" sound about these guys, with the 2 tracks delivering a simple straight-forward rock'n'roll formula reminiscent of Australian pub rock bands like Judge Mercy, Kickstart or even the Hell City Glamours. It's difficult to make a judgement on 2 tracks alone, but these guys look to be heading up the right track and I'll definitely be keeping an eye-out for any future releases.

by Lindsay B.

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