Straight To Jail - 6 Track Demo

Barnsley boys 'Straight to Jail' are set to light up the sky like the Northern lights. There's not much I can tell you about these guys at present, they are virtually unknown past the boundaries of their home town but have collected an accolade of fans along the ring road.

Here we are treated to a collection of live and studio recordings to give us a sample of their wares.

They claim themselves that they provide 'original rock music' and that ain't no lie! Had they of turned their hand to covers you could imagine them covering a range of soft rock to the likes of Green Day.

All the lyrics throughout are exceptionally written although at times not performed to their full potential. There's a feeling that with even the worlds top bands, when making live recordings that its going to do them more harm than good for one reason or another. However some would sell their grannies for a good live bootleg. Here some of the live performances generally are a little unenthusiastic, almost like they're holding back. Whether that's the demo quality, nerves or complacency, who knows, but after listening to the whole collection and also a peek at the bands myspace page, you realise that there's an awful amount of potential here. The studio recordings are near on perfect, and the guitar playing is outstanding with the song 'All over again' using the most chilling of riffs. However it's the song they left off this demo that probably would sell them to the listener the most. 'Next Time' can be found on The band seem their most comfortable with this song, having a more electro sounding intro and further on into the song there's much more energy released.

Altogether quite a pleasurable experience, the beginning of something that could be very special. Watch this space.

by Sharron Grainger

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