Straight Razor Angels - Straight Razor Angels

Track Listing:
01 - On The Pull
02 - Dirty Hotel
03 - Russian
04 - Bad Apple
05 - Black Clouds
06 - Dont Need You
07 - Definiately Hate Me
08 - Bad Times
09 - Coming Home
10 - Well Runs Dry

This is the debut album from blues Rock n Rollers, Straight Razor Angels. As first albums go, this is pretty good. Pop the CD in the player, turn it up, close your eyes and you can almost imagine yourself in some bar in the American deep south, which is quite impressive as this lot hail from Northwest of the UK.

This album is packed with 10 energetic rockabilly blues tracks. They are the type of band you want to go and see live because you kow you will have a good time.

A note of caution for the band though, they might want to be careful with Bad Apple - the bass riffs are very, very similar to Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus.

On the whole, if you like blues, rockabilly or good old rock n roll then this album will very likely be right up your street!

by Toni Glitz

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