Sticky Sweet - 4 Track Demo

Let’s throw some words at you … dedicated, committed, stubborn as fuck. Yeah, Sticky Sweet has had joy streaming its way, about as much as a piano being dropped on your head, but hey, Mike Stevenz (Vocals) ain’t giving his baby up that easy, and what do I say, ‘miss, I don’t give a shit’, I say … GOOD MAN!!!!

Formed in 1988 by Mike and K.T., the band hit the streets of London during the climax of the British rock n’ roll scene, encountering problems from all sides in the attempt to complete the line-up. Two years later and they were set to take on the world, only … and we all know what happened in the early 90’s don’t we … THE DREADED GRUNGE ARRIVED! K.T., Kaj and Pete decided to jump on the bandwagon (sad bastards), whereas Mike and Waz refused to be beaten and resumed advertising/auditioning for the new elite. To cut a long story short, it didn’t work out, Waz left and Mike moved to Bradford in the North of England (get the woolly jumpers out folks).

But, but, but, my darlings … as I said previous, we’re talking about one stubborn son of a bitch here. There was no way in hell Mike was losing his baby, and sure enough, he’s been getting plenty of attention from the likes of zines, radio stations and of course, the ominous record companies. Do we hear the bells ringing on a new alliance, the ALL NEW Sticky Sweet comin’ at ya (okay, sad pun, but we gotta use these pathetic girlie/blokey band lyrics and put them to some use). The answer in a nutshell is yeah, we sure as hell do.

The demo consists of 4 tracks, ‘Telephone, C’mon C’mon, Love Ain’t For Keeps and Two Blocks Away’ … oh the memories come flooding. You are now entering the world of an 80’s British classic, or what would’ve/could’ve been if they were given the opportunity. ‘Telephone’ starts this demo, an is guaranteed to have those ears pinging so darn fast you may as well be calling yourself Spock. It screams, get your ass on the dance-floor quickstead, do the strut, the spin, the bounce, hell, do anything you darn well please, it’s gonna have you smiling. ‘C’mon C’mon’ I find to be the weakest link (You are the weakest link, Goodbye) of the demo. I’m more prone to tunes that drool sex and this is more angst. Don’t get me wrong; C’mon C’mon is a good song, it just doesn’t do to me what the other 3 do. ‘Love Ain’t For Keeps’ absolutely bloody mental (what I’d be on the dance-floor to this little beauty) LUV IT LUV IT LUV IT, wicked party muso. ‘Two Blocks Away’ is a dynamite gem to finish the demo. Sweet as pie and will have you falling into your lovers arms by mid-song. Ballads have to be something out of the ordinary to get my juices flowing and boy, does it! Of the whole 4 tracks, this would be the 1 I’d choose to listen to over and over again, which I have, an I ain’t got bored of it.

But, if all else fails and you believe not a word of what I’ve rambled, check the tunes out for yourself on Sticky Sweets website.

by Spicey D. Warlock

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