Stick It Out - Stick It Out

My first question here is, 'stick what out?' Stick out listening to this all the way through? I got to the end and I think I deserve a reward.

Twelve tracks of music that I couldn't make one word of. Until I read the very poorly scanned biog, I actually thought these guys were Latvian or Estonian. In fact it seems they're Italian.

I wish bands would sing in their native tongues if they aren't very fluent in English as at least that way you wouldn't spend most of the CD actually trying to decipher what the lyrics are.

The songs are pretty average, even a cover of Faster Pussycat's Jack the Bastard is mundane. However the only saving point is that you can clearly tell they are half decent musicians, they just need some better songs, a lot better - and less high pitched incoherent screaming please.

They'll probably cut it as a support band to familiar names but as far as major headliners, don't watch this space.

by Grant W.

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