Stellar Tuesday - 5 Track Demo

Hailing from the States, 'Stellar Tuesday' deliver a refreshing burst of emo-pop energy with this 5 track EP. With the typical sound of a pop punk trio, what makes this band different from every other American post-pop, punk-emo, etc, etc group out there at the moment? Well there is the slightly more dynamic trio of male and female vocals along with a delightful addition of a piano. Interesting pop punk we have here?

While their sound is similar to emo veterans 'Jimmy Eat World', and 'Fall Out Boy', 'Stellar Tuesday' seem to escape the net of the stereotypical pop-punk band, and retain some respect for musical integrity. (If you see a personal opinion developing here of American pop punk you are not mistaken). With lead vocalist Eric Hauptman leading the ship with equally important members backing, 'Stellar Tuesday' look set for a breakthrough. With heartfelt, heartbreaking lyrics epitomising the emo genre but with a 'punkier' guitar, drum section, 'Stellar Tuesday' evade the stereotypes. Combining the cheery tones of pop without making it too cheesy, and the occasional delicate overtones from female vocalist Anne Thitipraserth, for example on 'Everything reminds me', add a certain variety to their otherwise imitation sound. Typical drum patterns by Jimmy Kane, especially on track 5, 'I wish tonight', at times sound very much like a 'Blink 182' record, though this is to be commended for as Travis Barker is unarguably a brilliant drummer.

There is certain talent in their musical ability. Not a band who have appeared over night but worked hard to get where they are, they earn my respect. So while not an awe inspiring EP, I believe 'Stellar Tuesday', may certainly have what it takes to make it in the big leagues. Certainly a band to be noticed on a wider scale in the near future.

by Lauren May

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