Stellar Tuesday - 3 Track Demo

It's quite amusing that only 6 days ago I witnessed Robin Black and the IRS hit the mark with their track 'Time Travel Tonite', 'cos we're strapping on those seatbelts and heading back to the days of free lovin', mohawks and weekend seaside gang brawls.

So what aspects of the 70's can we expect to hear from Stellar Tuesday? The answer is… anything and everything! They fulfil aspect upon characteristic upon influence, yet considering all this as a whole; Stellar Tuesday are based upon individuality and expression. We see four unique individuals combining a chemistry of jazz, classics and modernism, which to me seems such an eclectic mix of style that the end product could quite possibly have turned into a musical catastrophe, but it hasn't.

I find the more you listen to Stellar Tuesday, the more you hear. My first impression was WOW, this guy sounds EXACTLY like Elvis Costello, the guitars I thought were a mix between The Shadows and The Phantom Chords, and to tell you the truth this was screwing with my head a little, I just couldn't get round the idea that someone could mix classic guitars with psychobilly and make it sound so bloody amazing. But as I say, the more you listen, the more you hear… and having played this demo to the point it's awash within my head, I can hear Bowie, I can hear Placebo… there seems to be such a high multitude of glitter and pop within these 3 tracks that it would be impossible to liken them to anyone in particular.

All I will say is, Stellar Tuesday are aiming to become a household name, they're out there with the hope of inspiring a generation, they've got the attitude, charisma and talent to do so, so hey, get off your ass, pray that the 28th February (which is their CD release date) comes round quickly, buy their CD, buy it again for your mum, and again for your gran, bug the hell outta your local radio station to play the damn thing and give these guys as much of your dedication as you can!

by Spicey D. Warlock

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