Stellar Tuesday - 3 Track Demo

Stellar Tuesday are an up and coming four piece out of New York, that pick up where David Bowie and Soul Asylum left off. Ever since Bowie left his glam image and sound behind, and Soul Asylum… well… just left; there has been a void on mainstream rock radio. Arriving to fill that void is Stellar Tuesday.

Some of you may be thinking that Bowie and Soul Asylum sound nothing alike, but it is all but impossible to listen to this demo, and not hear the styling of each weaved throughout this 3 song demo. Specifically, Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie, and the later radio friendly Soul Asylum. Nevertheless, if a band chooses to emulate the sounds of anyone, there are far worse choices than these.

I particularly enjoyed the pop sensibilities of 'Go Home With Me' and 'More To Come', but even the mellower 'Indie Queen' is a gem. With vocalist and chief songwriter Eric Hauptman already looking primed for MTV, with a distinct look fuelled by his gravity defying haircut, I believe this band is ready for the big time. Stellar indeed!

by Dan Earley

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