Steevi Jaimz - Glam Damnation

Ex-Tigertailz frontman Steevi Jaimz brings us his latest release via Swedmetal Records, which happens to be a collection of material spanning the first couple of decades of his career.

Included here are tracks from Jaimz's time with Crash K.O. at the beginning of the 1980s, the Kick The Habit EP from St Jaimz, and his post Tigertailz projects War Party and Jaimz Gang. This collection is as good as anything released back in the Sunset Strips heyday, and my congratulations must go to the people who handled the re-mastering, as they have done a great job leaving every track with a very fresh feeling, almost as though they were recorded over the past couple of years. A great collection of tracks showcasing a great talent!

If you're looking for a nostalgia trip this album is an excellent choice.

Rating 9/10

by Barrry Gennard

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