Steevi Jaimz - My Private Hell

The last living legend of British Glam Steevi Jaimz is back and making it clear he's here to stay!

Kicking things straight off is opener "Amazing", this is a classic Jaimz masterclass that takes me right back to days of my youth! This song has the classic stamp all over it with Steevi's legendary harmony vocals. This is very reminiscent of his Young And Crazy days and a perfect way to start proceedings. A funky lil guitar and power drum intro kickstarts "Don't Say It's Over", this is a classic tale of never giving up on what you want and always sticking to your guns no matter what life throws at you.

"Something Good Something Bad" is a slow burner of a song about love lost and mellows proceedings down nicely, picking up with divine harmonies on the chorus. "Still Crazy" rocks straight! A grand balls to the wall rocker of a track and so far has to be my favourite track. Things continue to rock on with "Little Sistah", this is a totally outstanding track that drags my old ears back to the days of St.Jaimz and Jaimz Gang. The chorus is catchy as hell and I personally can't wait to see this go down a storm live as it will blow the roof off venues all over the land.

Title track "My Private Hell" blasts through the speakers and is a totally kick ass heavy headbanger of a song that will go down a storm on the dancefloor of many a glam night up and down the land. From start to finish this just grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go till the final chords. "Kiss Of Death" comes sleazing through the speakers and is a pure down and dirty track with one foot planted straight in the gutter. Yet another personal favourite here that I can't wait to see go down live. Things slow down with the stark piano intro of "I Don't Wanna Walk Away", this is a truly gorgeous ballad of love lost. "Dancin' With Danger" kicks the tempo back up and is another dirty sleazeball rocker of a track that shows the young guns how it's done. They say all good things must come to an end and sadly this most excellent release does on a total high with the kick ass "Kikk It Down", a perfect party starter and should be played loud and proud every weekend from now til the end of time.

This album is a true masterclass in glam and sleaze done by a true master of the music. This is an essential purchase for any fans of this music, as from start to finish it won't disappoint. I for one can't wait for Steevi to get on the road so I can see this masterpiece go down live.

by Dizzy Starr




No need for me to rant and rave here (but i will… he-he!) as in the movie Heat - "this shit sells itself", and everybody's raving about it; it's the biggie of 2009...
This really is Steevi's first solo LP and first big league recording period... no gay spraying your hair coloured anthems here, he's leaving that to the kiddies on Myspace, who missed the 80s, rave constantly about it and buy the greatest hits records. People are saying 'My Private Hell' is like a new Def Leppard Pyromania 2" and that it's going to appeal to AOR fans with its hints of Danger Danger and big rock anthems. This is real rock, like his hair, not that lame glam stuff that's the word on the street kiddies.

His new partners in crime are Chris "Mutt" Laney and Anders "Ringman" Lange, an amazing pair! Forget Lloyd Webber and Warren, we would have won the Eurovision with these guys on board. They have given Steevi such a benchmark sound… even his peers will want a piece of their action! Song-wise and sound-wise there's just something about this CD… the timing of the songs mean the long struggle has been worth it.

"Kick It Down" is a powerhouse and a real hair flicker, think Skid Row, Leppard, Kiss (you could see Seb Bach joining Steevi on stage for this one), this is serious stuff. Although this track has been around on MySpace for a while as a demo, the difference is like the debut by "those we cannot mention" and Van Halen 1. Things get even better on "Don't Say It's Over", intro-ing a la Kim Wilde and Rick Springfield in a dark alley. The chorus is so catchy (Eurovision meets Wig Wam style) and the vocals will have his critics well surprised. "Something Good Something Bad" is my favourite song this year, beating the yanks and the euros hands down at their own game. I'm surprised Bret Michaels never got hold of this… he-he. I thought Jonathan Danielz was the songwriter with it being so melodic, this is extremely commercial for a guy that's supposed to be a one trick pony.

The title track is Danger Danger meets Ozzy, with killer production from the Mutt Lange twins. These guys are the Max Martins of Melodic rock (your phones are gonna be ringing off the hook guys), and the quality of their songs puts the Swedish glam revival to shame. "Kiss of Death" is how "those we cannot mention" should have sounded. The twins put Steve "Son of Sid" James and Tim Lewis to shame. This has a great rock n' roll chorus; a different sound for Steevi… female vocals or is it Vinnie Vincent? There's also a dig with the "Love Bomb Sex Machine" lyric... prizes for the first person who tells me who the dig's at?

"I Don't Wanna Walk Away" is a track that raised eyebrows (for me)… mouth open Simon Cowell/Susan Boyle moment of the whole album... this is a killer ballad and not what you'd expect from Steevi at all... it beats Joe Elliot at his own game and he'd be able to sing it live… no tapes here Joe. Heads down again and rock out on "Kikk it Down" and not a spandex jumpsuit in sight. Such class and what melodic rock would have become if it was still big.

Every track is a winner, putting Steevi in major league with Ozzy, Kiss and Def Leppard (they can't make decent records now anyway… that's a fact). An album laying the ghosts of "those we cannot mention" to sleep forever.
And, wait till you see his new video and band!!! Steevi will be the "Yes Man" when this is out (in joke about people who don't answer their phones… see the beginning of a Jim Carrey movie).

This is big!

by Kelv Hellrazer

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