Static Thought - The Motive For Movement

I was 15, maybe 16 when Punk hit the headlines. At the time my friends were all waxing lyrical about the latest Yes, Jethro Tull or Deep Purple album, and hated all that was punk. For me, it was a breath of fresh air. High energy, short sharp heavy shocks, lyrics that could be shouted and at long last death to drum and guitar solos. This was music to get involved with rather than just listen to. Of course, as I got older, I started to appreciate those aforementioned bands but I never lost my love of punk.

Which is why this 12 track from San Francisco Punks - Static Thought - put such an enormous smile on my face. OK so I was thrown a bit of a curveball by opener "Faces". Yes, it has those angry almost shouted vocals you'd expect but it's not played at 90 mph - it's more of an off kilter rock song. It's fantastic (definitely one of my favourites) but not representative of the rest of the album which positively flies along. This has all the anger, the power and the choruses to sound as if it's fallen through a time warp.

Track 8 "Ambivalence" wears its Clash influence on its sleeve but who the hell cares when the breakdown and vocals at the end are so - so good. It's a guaranteed crowd pleaser and frankly, it needs to be played loud and regularly on your radio, on your MP3 player, hell wherever people need a bit of a wakeup call.

Just in case you needed a little more evidence that Static Thought weren't afraid to mess with your head, final track "Conquest of Saints" opens with a slow acoustic guitar and flute before launching into a headlong rush to the finish. Yes, yes, I know it's a trick employed by metal bands for donkeys years but it sure wasn't what I was expecting here and even the guitar break in the middle sounds like it's been lifted from some obscure metal band but frankly I don't care. It works.

This CD has been a total blast from beginning to end. Perfect for when I need to burn off some energy, perfect for when I need a kick up the arse to get myself going before a night out and more hooks than a mile of Velcro. This is one CD that I'll be playing for months.

by Phil T.

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