State of Rock - A Point of Destiny

If there's one thing I can say about this debut release from State of Rock is that they know how to make a good hard rock record. Listening to the album for the first time I found myself singing along with the chorus of the album's power-ballads 'Without My Love' and 'Don't Make Me Cry' even though I barely knew the words and I felt the overwhelming passion in Tony Mills' voice. However this album isn't just full of power ballads, there's some hard fist-pumping rock in there as well with songs like 'Hanging in the Balance' and 'Black and Blue'. The album is full of heavy bass riffs, soaring guitars and powerful lyrics making this an album you want to play again and again.

A Point Of Destiny is a strong debut from this band of German rockers and I would recommend any fans of the bands Dio or Saxon to pick up this record when it's released on 23rd January, you will not be disappointed.

by Emily Louise Church

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