The Stars Underground - Soundtrack To a Suicide

So, just who are the Stars Underground, I hear you say? Well, here's the nickel tour - Stars Underground started out in Hollywood around 93/94 and at that point were called Never on Sunday.

That line-up had two female singers but the band wasn't getting very far fast so they returned to Boston and eventually reformed with Ron John stepping in on vocals. At that point the band decided that a new name was in order and so the Stars Underground were born.

Soundtrack to Suicide is a 5 track EP, which has been re-released to coincide with the band reforming in 2006 and ahead of them starting work on a full length CD.

The band describe themselves as gutter-glam-punk, ignore the gutter part, and with only five songs to choose from I'd say they definitely have glam and punk tendencies but I can't quite pin their style down. Its maybe not as punk as they would like.

Vocally I drew comparisons with Duff McKagan and musically to the Dogs D'amour, which you can hear from the ballad 'Cold Cruel World'. They're overall style (not sound) also reminds me a lot of Poison clones Penny Lane as the songs are just slightly unrefined and obviously recorded on a strict budget but with whatever money they had, the Stars have done a credible job.

I think these guys have the potential to be something depending on how they market themselves and who gives them a hand along the way.

The band have big plans for the full length CD and I'm really looking forward to it to see if they can maintain writing songs with strong melodies and improve on the overall production to make it a lot tighter with more vocal harmonies and an all round fuller sound.

They also know that this is the digital age and unlike some who aren't as clued up, Stars Underground realise that video is another angle they can exploit to get more exposure on the web so look out for some visual treats.

It's a case of watch this space for the forthcoming CD but Glitzine will have a review as soon as it's ready. In the meantime, go sample the Stars Underground tunes on their myspace site and if you like what you hear, just cross your legs until the next release comes along, it might well be worth it.

by Grant W.

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