Starlet Suicide - Makin All the Noize

Like all the best glam bands of the 80s and 90s, it's almost impossible to tell from the press shots whether Swedish quartet Starlet Suicide are all male, all female or a combination of the two. Looking like a cross between Tigertailz and… well, a female version of Tigertailz!, the picture only becomes slightly clearer on seeing the band-members' names. Singer, guitarist and founder member Jennyfer Star really ought to be a girl, but we all thought that about Pepsi Tate, right? As for the rest of the band: Dallas Chrome (guitar), Rikki Riot (bass) and Sammy Sparks (drums), it's anyone's guess!

But isn't that the kind of confusion you want with a glam rock band? The kind where you don't know whether to lock up your girlfriend or go after one of 'em yourself! Perfect!

The question has to be then; does the music live up to the image? There's no point having an OTT image like this if you then come out sounding like a watered down version of Girls Aloud! Fortunately, Starlet Suicide deliver the goods by the wagon-load on this demo EP. Consisting of four tracks: 'Heartless', 'Shake It Up', 'Dirt' and the title track; 'Makin' All The Noize' is snotty, brash, loud and boisterous! From the outset, it is clear that Jennyfer Star is all girl. More Sally Cato (Smashed Gladys) than Janet Gardner (Vixen) of course, and all the better for it!

Title track 'Makin' All The Noize' is as fine a slab of sleaze as you'll here this year, but it isn't until 'Heartless' that Starlet Suicide really find their sound - sexy, sleazy lead vocals, backing vocals in all the right places - in the background! Crashing drums and cymbals and, of course, plenty of cowbell!

As a general observation, the guitars could do with being a little more prevalent throughout - I heard solos are making a comeback! But otherwise this is a sturdy effort from only a very young band. Knowing the Swedes' love of all things glam and sleaze, the smart money says it won't be long before we see this band signed up and peddling their debut full-length CD. On the strength of the songs on offer here, that'll be one release worth keeping an eye out for.


by Danzai

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