Starlet Suicide - Broken Doll

At first listen, Starlet Suicide could be mistaken for Hole. I personally dislike Courtney Love's vocals, which left me feeling that my review of Broken Doll may not be given it's deserved justice... and for this I apologize. I will say however, that Starlet Suicide in their right, are tight, talented musicians, and the only reason behind me not liking them, was purely and simply the above noted factor.

Unfortunately, I feel I can say no more... I really tried to sidestep the Courtney Love resemblance but found I couldn't, and I know I didn't give the band the justice they deserve.

by Marcus Calzada


Jennyfer Star (ex-Swindle-a-go-go) with her distinctive vocals and glamorous sex kitten image joined forces with Rikki Riot and Theodor Paine/Karl Thunder (Paradice) May this year, to form what can only be described as dirty rock n' roll.

Starlet Suicide is an amalgamation of inspiration and experience, that's been thrown together into a hot sizzling saucepan; the ingredients are still fresh and waiting to be Spiced. The band (as a whole) are young in every aspect and have a great deal of potential, and of course, we cannot forget that Jennyfer's vocals are extremely reminiscent of Courtney Love (Hole) and Share (Bubble).

Best watch those ingredients closely, that flavour is gonna grow RATHER quickly!

by Spice D. Warlock

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