The Star Spangles - Bazooka!!!

Crash, hook, crash. It's a simple formula, yet one, which has made many artists into rock stars. In the case of 'Bazooka!!!' the 2003 debut from The Star Spangles, the formula may well be that that makes the band a household name.

Coming across as a heavy Tsar or a light Hellacopters (take your pick), the bands sense for melody is quite obvious from the start. 'Which of the Two of Us Is Gonna Burn This House down', in addition to being a prime candidate for longest song title of the year, could also become the 2003 candidate for 'chorus that sticks in your head the longest'. It's short, sweet, and addictive. The brattiness of the Ramones shines through with 'I Don't Wanna Be Crazy Anymore' and the swagger of Sammy and the Zeros is apparent with 'Stained Glass Shoes' and for those Johnny Thunders fans, there's a smooth cover of 'Crime of the Century' to round off the mix. No heart wrenching emotional tearjerkers here.

Tight production and an ear for memorable melodies benefit the Star Spangles. If you yearn for incredibly listenable and catchy music, check these guys out.

by Lycan Davis


Take The Replacements, a touch of The Ramones, mixed with a flavor of Swedish glam thrown into one blender and The Star Spangles is what you'll have.

At first, I was taken back to the days of The Replacements and The Ramones, with the more simple musicianship of endless riffs and jangly guitars. After listening and observing more, it came to mind that The Star Spangles also have the sound of glam bands currently coming out of Sweden, such as - Hardcore Superstar, Helicopters and Backyard Babies. With that said... Bazooka's notable tracks would have to be the riff driven 'Angela', the catchy 'I Don't Want To Be Crazy Anymore' and 'Stain Glass Shoes' in which Ian Wilson's vocals are reminiscent of Hanoi Rocks.

I went into this CD knowing what to expect after hearing some song samples, so I already liked what I heard. I have to say though; others may need to listen to The Star Spangles a few times before they can really appreciate how good of a band they are.

The Star Spangles/Bazooka... In one word… Excellent!

By Marcus Calzada

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