Stallion Four - Devil In Me

Back in August, I reviewed two tracks from Swedish retro rockers Stallion Four that were a kick in the assless chaps of Sweden's new rock output which, basically, worries more about its hair than its songs. Stallion Four are more old school than Tucker Jenkins and have proved that yet again with the impending release of this four track, vinyl only EP that is limited to a mere five hundred copies.

This raging slab of wax opens with the title track 'Devil In Me' which was one of the two tracks written about previously by my good self. It remains a severe stomp through rock history that is more than happy to bypass the last two decades. If the only Björns that you are aware of are either super troupers or hairy advocates of the sweatband then you need to be re-educated. Stallion Four's Björn has a full-on behemoth bellow of a classic rock voice and second track 'Burn' is his real tungsten-plated tour de force. 'The Train' is more melodic and reminds me somehow of veteran Finnish rockers Havana Black. Final track 'Tied Up' is another ballsy anthem with a tasty vintage geetar solo.

I've sadly only got a promo of this EP but I'm guessing that the actual vinyl will smell strongly of dirty denim and scuffed leather. Get it while you can. Recommended.

by Gaz E.

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