Stallion Four - First Cuts

Another day, another Swedish band - but this time it's different. Instead of being stumbling, shambolic copies of the pages of 'Motley Crue For Dummies' or 'Hair Teezin 101', this band have settled for pages taken from the copy books of Ian Kilmister, Angus Young and a gym class teacher called Leonard Skinner ( Skinner).

Usually, the name checking of eighties bands when reviewing a generic Swedish act reads like the index of the 'Hollywood Rocks' book but, thankfully, with Stallion Four the nearest I'll get to mentioning bands from the late eighties will be down 'n' dirty acts like The Four Horsemen and Rhino Bucket. That is both refreshing and rocking, especially as rocking is ma business and... well, you know the rest.

We get just two tracks by which to judge this band. 'Devil In Me' is a throwback romp through familiar territory, but an entertaining romp it is - a retro rocker with ballsy vocals from a dude named Bjorn. 'Sister Mean' is a more straight forward metal track with a chorus the likes of which used to take the eyebrows off rock chicks in clubs two decades ago.

With a hefty dose of cocksure attitude, this band could well stomp down the same gasoline alleys populated by bands like (the soon to be disbanded) Tokyo Dragons and Chrome Division. It will be interesting to see where they go next. One to watch.

by Gaz E.

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