Stage Dolls - Always

01 - Always
02 - Rainin' on a Sunny Day
03 - Rollin'
04 - Highway's Open
05 - Eye of my Heart
06 - Better Off Pretty
07 - Taillights
08 - Saturday Night
09 - Where the Blacktop Ends
10 - My Strangest Friend

Stage Dolls are a three piece band from Norway who have been playing together since 1983. Always is their tenth album together and marks the first recorded offering from the band since 2005.

The album went to number 1 in the album charts in Norway when it was released there earlier this year.

The band have held onto their late '80s feel with this offering. Musically this is easy to listen to. Light rock that won't make your ears bleed or offend anyone at all. There are a few ballads for those who like such things. There are a few tracks with a little more oomph to them for those who prefer that.

Stand out track for me definity track 3, Rollin'. One of those catchy, viral numbers that won't leave your brain alone!


by Toni Glitz

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