Stage Dolls - Always

Stage Dolls are back with another dose of strong melodic rock from Norway. "Always" is a perfect blend of ballads and mid tempo rockers that will easily show any listener how a band such as this has stood the test of time and can still make strong music 25 years later. While many bands struggle in today's market and attempt to reinvent themselves musically, this band has remained true to it's original sound and shows some bands only get better with age.

The easiest way to describe the music on this album would be a mix between The Goo Goo Dolls and Def Leppard. From the opening title track "Always," the album flows from one masterpiece into another. A few ballads like "Eye Of My Heart" fit perfectly between the other tracks and showcase the musicianship of a band who still knows how to give fans what they want to hear. Other standout tracks include "Taillights" and "Better Off Pretty" which was an instant favorite.

If this is your first time hearing this band, this album will definately inspire you to want to hear their earlier releases as well. An essential album for any Melodic Rocker's collection.


by Patrick White

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