SR-71 - Here We Go Again

Some of these tracks have been previously released and others are being released under main-man Mitch Allen's own name, which may explain why this is quite a disjointed release (in that all the tunes motor down the highway heading to the same destination, some take a brief detour, some crash along the way, and others, to quote Tyla, 'just miss'. But the highlights far outweigh the more mundane humdrum meanderings. You wouldn't normally find this rocka on a bus marked 'California Style Pop-Punk via Cheap Trick' or some such, but I'd be a liar if I denied the quality of these crunchy marshmallow melodious moments.

Opener 'Axl Rose' is a wonderfully executed ode to the whereabouts of Waxl, played out by the nostalgia filled lives of protagonists Angel and Ricky ('the top's gone but he's still rockin' the pony tail'), who struggle in a world of The Vines and The White Stripes, neatly interspersed with slivers of GN'R riffs. It's strangely quite poignant, though that may show my age. 'In Your Eyes', up next, and a single (couldn't really be anything else) is absolutely fucking awesome. Puts a large size 11 hook in your brain and drags you willingly and wantonly around, up and down half pipes, through shopping centres, and across continents. A truly delicious confection, mixing Hanoi with Dame David Bowie's 'Modern Love' on the call / response chorus, this makes the record for me. And it should you too.

by Stu Gibson

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