Spit Like This - Dragged Kicking & Screaming

Wow! I was totally into this, only to find it was just 3 songs.

Spit Like This are one helluva band that slams sleaze down your throat over and over again. The only way I can describe the band, is take Gemini Five and replace the vocalist with Michael Sweet, with that said, meet Spit Like This.

This is only a 3 song EP, but every song is a winner... 'Rebel Lover', the very Beautiful Creature vibed 'Obscene (But Not Heard)', and the keyboard enthused 'Who Needs You', with a chorus that a guy can sing to his girlfriend who is never satisfied and is always on a constant bitch-mode! Ha Ha! Spit Like This is an excellent band with all the sleaze you could ever want. Check them out!

Spit Like This "Dragged Kicking & Screaming", 10 out of 10 stars. Sleaze down your throat

by Marcus Calzada

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