Spiders & Snakes - London Daze

"London Daze" is Spiders & Snakes´sixth studioalbum and the follow-up to the impressive "Astro Pop". As usual the new S&S album features a couple of old and new songs from Lizzie Grey's notebook. "London Daze" starts with a re-recording of "NonStop Rock", originally recorded by Grey's London in 1985, which sets the pace for the rest of the album.

"London Daze" is more hardrock and metal than the previous glitter/glam oriented albums of Spiders & Snakes. A development which may earn them some more fans but which I personally dislike. Their sound on "Astro Pop" was unique and impressive. "Radio Stars", also recorded first time back in 1985, is catchy. "Don't know when to stop" is funloaded glitter/hard rock with that typically Lizzey-Grey sound. He's got his own sound andit is easy to recognize.

"London Daze" features "Public Enemy #1" (yes, the Crue song) which Grey wrote with Nikki Sixx twenty years ago. It will appear on the forthcoming Motley Crue tribute. It's a good cover, Spiders & Snakes have added their own dimension to it. Spiders & Snakes also features a liveversion of "Rock n Roll Queen", the acoustic "Dream a little dream (both covers) and a couple of fillers - "Party in Hollywood" (also recorded back in 1985) and "Elvis' TV". I like Spiders & Snakes. They stuck to their guns throughout the nineties and Lizzie Grey is an underground superstar. One of the more talented songwriters of today. "London Daze" is a good album eventhough I regard it as a step down from "Astro Pop". It contain some nice songs but not that much new material. Uninitiated should visit the pit.

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Written by Andreas Persson