Sparkling Bombs - Diamond Skin

Third release from French sophisticated glamsters 'Diamond Skin' sees the band doing their utmost to break the routine with seven varied tracks of beautifully perfected pop, punk and gutter glam rock.

Title track and new single 'Diamond Skin' should be the song that breaks them out of obscurity. Vocalist Alyss provides the steamy vocals to what can only be described as a combination of 80s alternative pop with a glam edge throughout. An amazing song, which you know as soon as you hear it, it will not be leaving your head for the rest of the day. And it's true. Even if the remainder of the tracks aren't up to much, it's worth buying for this one alone. But hold on there's more!

A cover version of the Dead Boys 'I Won't Look Back' shows how easily they can turn off the glitz and get down and dirty to a more primitive punk style. In fact the whole EP shows that this bunch are full of surprises and can virtually turn their hands to any style. The vocals are captivating and gives the kind of effect that you know David Bowie, T.Rex and the New York Dolls created when they first appeared on the music scene, with just a touch of the Richey Manics style little boy lost appeal.

There are occasional solos but no over the top nonsense dramatics, just some great riffs and vivacious playing.

Final song 'Lust in Dust' settles you down for the off, a simple acoustic track and again uncomplicated but shimmering melody with Mike Monroe style rasping vocals. The album and website artwork is pretty cool too.

It's actually all over a little too quickly and with something this sweet your left with your kohl stained eyes crying for more.

by Sharron Grainger

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