Sparkling Bombs - Dead Dreams From the Silver Gutter

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd find another vocalist that could make my toes curl with desired effect, afterall, it's ONLY a voice! Am I stir crazy? I'm beginning to think so! But hey… it's gotta be a good thing… yes?

And YES it is, she screams!

Now, there may be some of you that could be put off by the Sparkling Bombs dark, disturbing lyrics and their, somewhat theatrical ambience and appearance, but if you remove those blinkers, you're bound to be impressed… just let the music talk for itself. Especially those of you who pine for the likes of Robin Black & the IRS and Rachel Stamp, because believe me when I say… the Sparkling Bombs are close running compadres… so much so, they'd definitely give them a run for their money. So watch your backs guys!

All in all, 10 tracks of pure unadulterated poetical beauty shimmering with powder puff n' glitter, so hurry up n' get your backsides over here to the UK cos you've got this lil Spice Girl excited!

by Spice D. Warlock

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