Sparkling Bombs - From Bubblegum Fun To Glittered Depression

I've had this demo for a little while now and I still cannot come up with the words to instill my thoughts on this band. While it's hard to pinpoint, the music invokes something inside of me. At various points throughout the demo, the music sounds passionate, desperate, inspirational and disillusional. Perhaps the band describes it best in its title 'From Bubblegum Fun To Glittered Depression'.

All 5 songs are great but the centrepiece of this CD is an incredible song titled 'It Hurts Me'. This is one of those songs that comes along once in a blue moon, a song that has 'hit' potential written all over it (I bet it goes over great live too!)

Overall, Sparkling Bombs reminds me of early 'Cult'. They seem like one of those bands that could have a hardcore following because of the connection felt through the music and lyrics, in a sense that fans can relate to them on a personal level. I could be one of those fans myself.

by Dan Earley

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