Saints of the Underground - Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner

Keri Kelli (Big Bang Babies) is the future of this kind of music. Third generation down from the rest of his band mates… the newly resuscitated Jani Lane (Warrant); second generation Robbie Crane and first generation Bobby (Ratt) Blotzer… beyond that you have pre-historic... my era hahhahahhahhaha!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a super group... who cares it's the first time I've registered Jani since "Dog Eat Dog", such talent that downward spiraled has been resurrected with a fuel injection dose of Kerri Kelli adrenalin.

"Dead Mans Shoes" opens with style, a reworking of Blotzer's Twenty4Seven projects obscure. Give me Jani over John Corabi any day! Sorry John, out of the 80s guys Jani was a leader, powerhouse commercial metal is way more appetizing than "Ultaphobic" grungy anthems. "Tomorrow Never Comes" is my favourite cut; Warrant meets Ratt in a dark alley, "Sorry bout this, sorry bout that" Jani's at a confessional hahahhaha, great song and a real grower." "Moonlight Mile"... why are yanks obsessed with the Stones? Why cover when you have a boy wonder like Keri Kelli? Actually, this turned out to be a great ballad, no hammy cheese. I thought Jani was into Loverboy not Mick Jagger, I reckon it must have been the Blotzer's old skool Zep influence!

"Signs of Life" is a riffarama supreme; Keri really goes for it and with that great Jani Lane melodic hook, places Jani leagues ahead of your average hair band vocalist. Jani is a real survivor to bounce back from the recent hurdles in his career. "Bruises" is Keri's influence of modern metal" and makes 'Saints of the Underground' sound like they really could be a new 'young' band, not ex-members of Ratt and Warrant! Whilst Tom Petty's "American Girl" is given the hair treatment ala Warrant.

Andy Johns who engineered the whole affair wouldn't work with jokers, fakers, or washed up has beens... better than Contraband... yes definitely! And did I mention Keri Kelli too many times? He will be in Warrant next.

by Kelv Hellrazer

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