Sonic Orchid - Love & War

"Here they come with their swords and the armour - oo arrghh, oo arggh, oo arggh" you'd be forgiven if you have the slightest of smirks on your chops when you listen to the opening track of 'Love & War'. It's pomp power rock at its glorious best. Great fun and definitely tongue in cheek. Imagine a lighter version of Manowar crossed with Lee Aaron (now there's a blast from the past!). Hailing from Canada, this female fronted band started life doing covers and then decided to have a pop at writing their own stuff. They have absolutely no chance of breaking into the mainstream with the musical niche they've decided to explore but that's probably because they don't wanna. I get the feeling they write for themselves primarily and if something comes of it then great.

There's bagfuls of energy here and on the track 'Liar' you can almost picture lead vocalist Christine swishing her long blonde locks around while the band pumps out the noise mercilessly behind. If head nodding power metal with strong female vocals is your bag (again think Doro from 'Warlock') then this could be worthy of an investment.

The obligatory ballad hits us on track 7 in the melencholic 'Without You' showing the other side to Sonic Orchid. A catchy lil number that suffers only from poor production but could easily slip into some American sitcom/drama programmes theme-tune.

If you're looking for something cutting edge and new then you won't find it here but who cares?


by Hilda

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