Sonicdollz - Better Be Dead... Than Fit In the Trend

Sonicdollz, an amalgamation of various Hungarian bands; formed in the year 2000 just so they could play their favourite cover tunes to a live audience, and what a surprise it must have been when they realised; together as a band, they kicked ass. And so the tale lives on…

June 2002 saw the threesome release their debut 6-track EP 'Better Be Dead … Than Fit In the Trend', and being the first Hungarian band I'd received a demo from, I had no idea what to expect. And please, no one ask me to pinpoint where Hungary is, I may turn into the dithering blonde I love to hate.

Deriving inspiration from such people as Freddie Krueger and The Ramones, I guess we could imagine the Sonicdollz to be of a dark and mysterious nature with that classic edge of 70's punk, however, we'd be totally wrong. What you should expect to hear is that punchy, European rock n' roll we can only come to expect from bands such as Hollywood Teasze, Smelly Boggs and Starry Eyes. Saying this, don't expect to hear the same style throughout, Sonicdollz like to experiment, something they do extremely well.

For the first time in history I find no fault in any track, each contains its own individuality and has been created that way for a reason. I find no boredom in its entirety, no dwindling to contemplate on other thoughts; no rush to switch to the next track, just pure, unadulterated entertainment that I wish lasted longer. Definitely a band I'd like to check out Live, just unfortunate I will probably never get the chance.

by Spicey D. Warlock

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