Sonic Boom Boys - Cheap and Nasty Rock & Roll

Is sleazepunk a word? If it is, it fits these boys to a T. This 3 song demo started off with 'Cheap and Nasty Rock & Roll', which I guess would be the same as sleazepunk. Pretty damn good song. Sleazy as hell invoking memories of early D Generation and Fasterpussycat. 'You Ain't No Star' followed and was possibly even better than the first song. Short and sweet, clocking in at 2:13 and kicking ass all the way through. 'Goin Down' the third and final song, reminded me of the NY Dolls in spots, complete with background sing-along 'ahh ahh ohh's', a few cool tempo changes, some spoken words and police sirens, all of which are cool in my book.

This demo started out good and just got better. Really makes me wish I had songs 4, 5, 6, and more. These boys apparently have a full length album out titled 'Generation 3', which I will definitely be on the look out for, and you should to. You won't be disappointed.

by Dan Earley

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