The Soda Pop Kids - Write Home

This one has been sitting around for a bit of time, though this is due to too many things on my plate, not due to my not caring to check them out. On the contrary this CD has received more than its fair share of spins. So right there I am letting you know that I like the band.

The Soda's play a form of 70's Punk that has collided with some old 50's rock. Yeah, they are actually pretty much a full on 70's Punk outfit when you realize that all much of the 70's Punk scene was an amped up version of the 50's. But right down to the vocals which recall the glory days of Stiv and Darby mixing it up, we are styling in '78 and '79.

First track "Put On Your Tight Pants" kicks off with a fine energy, but it's with track two "Bop It Up" that the disc really starts to hit it's fun stride.

Background vocals even bring about thoughts of the Doo-Wop styles through-out the disc, and the shuffles and beats are all 50's on speed. There are plenty of hooks also to keep the Bubblegum crowd smiling.

"Shots Of Whiskey" is just what the title leads you to believe it is, a slow, drunken sounding number. This is the one you put on when you crack open a bottle of booze to start drinking yourself into misery with, and then to start again just before you pass out. I'm not condoning such an act, just admitting that we all have been there and looked for the company of a trashed out tune (those of us who will drink and be depressed about something that is, those of you who don't drink, move on, as I guess you won't understand the need to tip a bottle into misery, ya unlucky lot).

The next tune though, "Electric Blood" throws us back into the mania started before our misery crept up on us, and it is business as usual again.

While there is nothing new going on with The Soda Pop Kids, they are as refreshing as a nice cool lemon-lime soda on a hot summer day.

by Carl Isonhart

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