Recognition Records Comp - Smells Like Punk Action

I've been trying for days to figure out how punkaction really smells. I needed a little help from Recognition Records to truly experience the phenomenon. Smells good! This 14 song punkrock compilation is very varied when it comes to musicial style, unfortunately it is very varied when it comes to quality as well.

German glamdolls Hollywood Teasze open the show with the catchy glampunk of "Hang Around". The Next band - Bruiser - give almost a totally opposite impression, compared the happily dancing glamdolls in Hollywood Teasze. Nothing Cool is good throw-away garagepunk delivered on a fast pace. Throwdown sounds like aggressive metal. As I wrote, very varied material which is, after all, NOT a bad thing.

I really enjoy the more melodic bands on "Smells Like Punk Action" such as Hollywood Teasze, Stunt Child, Baron Automatic and Mr Coffee. Acts that I certainly want to hear more from in the future. All in all, "Smells like Punk Action" is an interesting and really good compilation of underground punkbands. By the way, it is also very cheap... only $ 9.95. Contact Recognition Records