Slomber - Dirty Drinks and One Night Stands

'Slömber is a rock n' roll exploition from Norway. Taking on the heritage of scandi-rockers such as Gluecifer and Backyard Babies, Slömber represent the new wave of Norwegian rock. With the rawness of Motörhead, the attitude of a young Guns n' Roses and the riffs of Mötley Crüe, this is a hybrid of the best from all the last decades in rock.
Well at least that's what it says in the bio on their myspace page, and to be fair I can see where they're coming from. The songs are great, they do have the 'rawness of Motorhead' and may contain the 'attitude of a young Guns n' Roses and the riffs of Mötley Crüe', but much of this gets lost by the production, which feels very thin and the drums almost get lost somewhere in the mix in many places.
There are quite a few great tracks here, and 'Dirty Drinks....' is a great follow up to 'Fire In The Jailhouse', but as I said the production really does let it down for me, but if you can get past that then you're likely to really enjoy this album.

Rating - 8/10

by Barry Gennard

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